Nanton Aviation Station

Bomber Command Museum Canada

The Bomber Command Museum of Canada is one of the finest aviation museums in the world today. Why? It is because the museum has been  built over the last 26 years by at team of incredibly dedicated volunteers from the town of Nanton, Alberta,  just 50 minutes south of Calgary.  Featuring a Lancaster Bomber with 4 running engines and a host of other fine aircraft, this museum makes Canadians proud of our historic aviation accomplishments.

NAS Bomber Command Museum Introduction

Memorial Wall

Senator Cools Interviews

Senator Cools Visits Nanton - Part 1

Senator Cools Visits Nanton - Part 2

Senator Cools - Pilots View - Part 1

Senator Cools - Pilots View - Part 2

Senator Cools visits Vulcan Air Base

Silver Jubilee Medals - The Senate

Time Keepers

Don Morrison - Spitfire Pilot and POW

Air Show and Mack MacGill - WWI Fighter Pilot

Joe English - Lancaster Pilot

The Flight Instructor

The Test Pilot

London Memorial

The Belgian Forest - Part 1

Bomber Command Museum Events

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