One Halifax Aircraft – Two Nose Artist’s

The original painting on LW416. Replica panel on NA337 skin donated to Trenton collection 1998 by "Mr. Nose Art" Simonsen.
Handley Page Halifax B. Mk. II, serial LW416 was one of 35 built between 29 November and 22 December 1943. Six of the Halifax went to RAF Squadrons, the remaining 27 were delivered to No. 415, 420, 424, 425, and 429 Squadrons of the RCAF. LW416 was assigned to No. 424 [Tiger] Squadron in February 1944, the first to wear code QB-L. Painted by Nose Artist Mat Ferguson, she received the name “Long Shot Lou” and the art of a black bear about to make a pool shot with a burning fused bomb.

“Lou” flew her first operation on 19/20 February 1944, completing 11 operations until 26/27 March 1944, when she belly landed at base, with pilot B. Vanier and crew.

Repaired, the Halifax was transferred to No. 426 [Thunderbird] Squadron, wearing new code OW-L. The first Op. was 19/20 May 1944, completing eight, the last on 17/18 June 44. The squadron was converting to new Halifax Mk. VII aircraft and LW416 was sent to No. 420 [Snowy Owl] Squadron at Tholthorpe, Yorkshire.

At Tholthorpe the veteran bomber was given code letters PT-E, replacing NR135 “E” that went to No. 425 Squadron. The old nose art “Long Shot Lou” was also painted-over.
The newly finished replacement nose art and [right] Jim Smith painting.

Smith also painted this rare tail-fin art of the official Snowy Owl insignia. Above were five red Maple Leafs to show it was “Canadian”.

On 21 June 44, LW416 was assigned to a new crew with pilot F/O Jim Tease, from Winnipeg, Manitoba. After their third operation, Bamieres, France, 24 June 44, the Halifax became “their aircraft”.

The crew picked the name “Take Yer Time I’m Easy”, which nose artist Jimmy Smith painted above a blonde lady in a very suggestive pose.

The Jim Tease crew completed their 35th operation on 10 October 1944, 14 night and 21 day Ops.

They flew in five different Halifax aircraft, LW380, 2 Ops., MZ505, 1 Op., MZ540, 1 Op., NA632, 7 Ops., and LW416 [Take Yer Time I’m Easy] 24 operations.