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We stand  at the entrance to a field of opportunity, the deep sea, with all its riches and artifacts. We are assured of access to a treasure-trove of shipwrecks and antiquities using new technologies. A unique business and marketing opportunity exists through the successful application of these technologies. With over 2 million targets in the deep ocean awaiting, the potential, both financially and historically, is very great indeed. 

September, 1995 - Lake Mjosa, Norway

Recovery of Halifax Bomber NA337

The business communities of the world are fully aware of the great advancements in the computer field and all the applications of the computer in their daily corporate lives. The digital age of commerce is now fully here and access to the world and all her people is only a computer program away from us.

In parallel to the giant leaps forward of the computer in  the business world, in the last 5 to 10 years, there has been the same leaps forward in deep-water exploration and salvage expertise, thanks to the computer. What were once  "treasure hunting " hit-and-miss affairs have now become serious and legitimate commercial ventures using scientific teams and tools. All those millions of historical artifacts and valuable cargoes in sunken ships and lying free on the bottom of the world's oceans are now available for recovery. These include precious and strategic metals, historical and wartime items such as crated and ditched aircraft, and countless antiquities dating back to the start of maritime history.

Halifax Bomber NA337 - The Ditching

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Lake Mjosa      Sonar Depth  750 feet

This proposed business venture would be unique and, besides generating direct revenues from the recovery of historic and valuable artifacts as described above, would direct the fascination of the public to this special project. The media gives an incredible amount of attention to shipwreck and underwater discoveries and recoveries as these capture the public's attention without fail. Recent media coverage of the Titanic, Bismarck, and many other historic projects shows just how interested the public is in such discoveries. Think of how doubly interested the public would be to see the return to land of historic and valuable artifacts once thought "lost forever".

As an example of how a discovery/recovery project could be maximised for the sponsors and project partners, this writer suggests that the public be allowed to participate and share in the excitement by the following:   following the expedition on a special internet web site,  preparation and releasing of television specials on the history and search/recovery of the shipwreck artifacts or aircraft,  live broadcasts (on-site) using video-telephone and/or broadband satellite video up-links, and the public viewing of recovered artifacts at permanent and traveling exhibitions. Public sale or official auction of  artifacts would also be part of this larger package of "intellectual property rights" which could have strong financial returns and excellent public image benefits for the corporate sponsor or partners in these special projects.

Karl Kjarsgaard is one of the world's most dedicated adventurers. As a 767 pilot for a major international airline, his ability to travel around the world provides him access to many innovative and exciting projects. In 1995, his research led to the Halifax NA337 project. This major underwater recovery project of a World War II bomber was based near Hamar, Norway on Lake Mjosa. At a depth of 750 feet, the recovery by Dacon Subsea led by Dag Ammerud and the Canadian group H.A.A., was a fascinating accomplishment. The plane now resides at the R.C.A.F. Memorial Museum, Trenton, Ontario, Canada and is presently being restored. In `1997, Karl directed a second recovery project of a R.C.A.F. Halifax Bomber, LW682 in Gerrardsbergen, Belgium. These unique adventures have been shot on video by Manterex 11 Productions Inc. and segments will soon be available on

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