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Our HAN products are a series of Documentaries and Extended Footage clips relating to WWII Halifax Aircraft.  Some videos are still in production but we have a few that tell the story of Halifax 57 Rescue. The money raised and donated for this education project will be used to keep you informed with video updates and a wide selection of classic interviews. We are a charitable organization and our objective is to save these historic aircraft and honour the veterans.

We operate the Halifax Aircraft Network on donations so if you like what you see, help us cover some of the costs and make a donation. In return, we will feature more great videos on a regular basis and we'll send the first 100 donations, a DVD or a Music CD for free.    

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The Recovery of Halifax NA337

From Norway in 1995, the world record lift of an airplane from underwater sends a rare Halifax aircraft to the RCAF Museum in Trenton, Ontario, Canada. 

The Restoration of Halifax NA337

From 1995 to 2005, Halifax NA337 was restored by volunteers and a small team of professionals. Their distinguished work can now be seen at the RCAF Museum in Trernton.

The Recovery of Halifax LW682

In 1997, we traveled to Belgium to recover components of Halifax LW682 and conduct an honour burial for three members of the crew.

Who Fights For Freedom

Over 8,000 Americans joined the RCAF in Canada in 1940 before Pearl Harbour, fighting in the Battle of Britain and for Bomber Command. This is a story featuring the Virginia War Memorial in Richmond, Virginia.


The Belgian Forest

In 2012, we recorded several veterans as they traveled to London for the unveiling by the Queen of the Bomber Command Memorial in Green Park. 

Canada Remembers Holland

A separate topic from the Halifax videos, this memorable documentary tells the story of the Canadian Liberation of Holland in 1945.

Music CD   Stories of War

A music CD from James Tallimar playing songs written about World War II and the different adventures of Halifax 57 Rescue. 


















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Prisoners of  War

The Sweden Project

  Belgium Reunion

Lincolnshire Live

Who Remembers the War






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