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Halifax 57 Rescue Canada is a non profit charitable organization. In 1995, we were part of the recovery of a WWII Halifax aircraft from Lake Mjosa near Hamar, Norway.  Halifax NA337 is invaluable, has been restored and is on display at the RCAF Museum in Trenton, Ontario, Canada.  

Our current objective is to recover a second Halifax aircraft, restore it and display the airplane at the Bomber Command Museum of Canada in Nanton, Alberta. This year we are recovering another Halifax aircraft near the town of Hollviken, Sweden. 

We are  constantly looking for government/corporate and private sponsors including public donations to continue our quest of honouring the veterans. We have approached the Federal Government of Canada for financial support but they have rejected our request for funding.

 That means one thing. We are not giving up and we need the help of sponsors and the people of Canada to continue this veterans project. Without any support from our Federal Government, we are calling upon the people of Canada to help by donating to our important tax deductible registered charity. It is an educational project for Canada and our veterans that must be completed.

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HAN - Halifax Aircraft Network is the multi - media division of Halifax 57 Rescue. We have been recording videos with H57RC for over 22 years with most of our funding coming from sponsors and donations. HAN has one objective and that is to keep this history alive for school children and those interested in aviation. 

Your donation to Halifax 57 Rescue Canada will keep the videos rolling and we have hundreds of them to show. Make a contribution today and we'll keep producing the recovery adventures, the classic interviews and the special events regarding this important part of our aviation history.



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