Halifax Aircraft Recovery Projects

       Story by Karl Kjarsgaard, Chris Charland and James Blondeau


  Halifax LW170 Recovery Project - 2011
There was once a time when you could fill the sky with Halifax aircraft but after World War II, only a few remained.
 Today there are only two in the entire world.

This is story about dedication and never giving up.

Our objective of recovering a Halifax aircraft from water was accomplished once before. In 1995, our organization, with Karl Kjarsgaard as Project Manager, was part of the recovery team known as the Halifax Aircraft Association. That team made up of Canadians, British, Welsh and Norwegians, located and raised Halifax NA337 from Lake Mjosa near Hamar, Norway.

The aircraft known as Halifax NA337 was airlifted to Canada, thanks to the support of the Canadian Department of National Defense. In 2005, the aircraft was finally restored and put on display at the RCAF Memorial Museum in Trenton, Ontario, Canada. Today, it stands as a fine example and the true meaning of what valour and courage represents.


      Halifax NA337  - Norway Recovery Video

                                          Part 1      


 The recovery of Halifax NA337 from underwater did prove one thing, that  it can be done.

This 1995 world record recovery has lead to this new project and we have scheduled the raising of Halifax LW170 for the summer of 2009 as part of the 100th anniversary of manned flight in Canada.
 This video web site is our link to you and we need your help. To raise this aircraft, we need your support. We have brought together a number of components including video, interviews, aviation art, information, music, museums, aircraft historians, students, educators and above all, veterans to tell the story of Halifax LW170. 
Halifax 57 Rescue, is a registered
 charitable organization with an official contribution number and has raised nearly $50,000.00 in the last two years.
As before, members of Halifax 57 Rescue Canada will recover LW170, and it will be restored and displayed at the aviation museum in Nanton, Alberta. It will be there for future generations to see and to understand its importance as a part of Canadian aviation history..

We want you to enjoy this web site, but what’s most important, this recovery project needs your support. 

Become a member and be a part of the Recovery of Halifax LW170. It is essential that we protect history and this is what Halifax 57 Rescue does as an organization.

It's for our history, our national heritage and it is for those young people of the future who will someday travel to Nanton, Alberta to see and be inspired by Halifax Aircraft LW 170.

The Story of Halifax LW170 continues...


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If you wish to become a sponsor or a member of Halifax 57 Rescue Canada, your contribution will go towards operating these historic aircraft recovery projects. Your involvement as a contributor or member will result in the remarkable restoration of these monuments of aviation.




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